A Little Bit(less) About Us


For the love of horses

We offer the opportunity to own a piece of your dream, to "own" a horse. We offer the privilege through sponsorship on several levels. From Horse Watcher to Seriously a Horse Lover with special offers for every level.

Horse Watcher

Watching horse

Have you always dreamed about owning a horse but have no place to keep one? Boarding is too pricey? You don't know the first thing about horses but just know you love them and want to be an owner some day?

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Horse Pal


Come to our place to meet your horse and work one to one; learn the ropes and feel the connection with your horse and nature. 

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Seriously a Horse Lover


This is the full deal! This is where you come down and do it all. Learn how to understand your horse, communicate with your horse, work with your horse one on one, learn to ride, take your dream to the limt.

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Spring is upon us and our horses love to be groomed and...well, pampered.



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